Investors can use WES Token to invest in real profitable business projects and real estate projects around the world, while project managers can use the WES Token to get their projects crowdfunded globally and these businesses can accept WES Token as a digital currency in exchange for their products and services.

WES, a Utility Token

Created by Mindgenix Technology Inc., the WES Token is a cryptocurrency designed as a utility token to function as a crowdfunding token and as a digital currency. Through WES Token, a global investor has access to real traditional business projects and Real Estate projects beyond the normal limited borders of the investors’ market area or country. A global investor will have a unique access to business projects that will yield real return for a fraction of the costs of participation which is mostly reserved for the affluent community.

How It Works

The WES Token (WES) is an ERC20 token used through the investment platform and designed to thrive in an ecosystem of utility and sustainability which will expand its value and development as a utility token in the business and real estate industry. WES Token is a utility token that can be utilized as a unit of account or a medium of exchange in the real estate and business development landscape. There will be options on how and where to utilize WES, for instance;

• Use WES Token to invest in profitable real estate and business development projects in the Investment Platform.
• List your projects in the Investment Platform.

• Sell WES back to company to cash-out capital and bonuses (for a limited time and only tokens purchased on pre-sale).
• Membership level benefits.

Latest News

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Verlin Sanciangco meets with Victor Yu to discuss application of blockchain

On May 31, 2018 in Shanghai, China, a 3-day meeting was concluded by Verlin Sanciangco, Founder of WestrendCoin and Westrend Realty. He met with Victor Yu, Owner and Founder of of uYachter, Ltd. and the upcoming YatLink Technology, Co. Ltd,…