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WES Token is now listed in the LAToken exchange, DEPOSITS and TRADING are now open.

What is WES Token?

WES Token (WES) is an ERC20 token used through the Westrend platform and designed to thrive in an ecosystem of utility and sustainability which will expand its value and development as a utility token in the real estate industry.

WES is a utility token that can be utilized as a unit of account or a medium of exchange in the real estate landscape. There will be options on how and where to utilize WES, for instance;

  • Buy, sell, and rent real estate properties and invest in profitable real estate investment projects using WES Token.
  • List your projects in the Westrend Platform.
  • Sell WES Token back to the company to cash-out capital and bonuses (for a limited time and only for tokens purchased on pre-sale)
  • Membership level benefits.

How It Works

Investors can use WES Token to invest in profitable real estate projects as its primary utility, while clients and project managers can use the WES Token to buy, sell or list their properties or projects.

WES Token was designed to allow accessible, secure, and affordable participation to profitable real estate projects. Moving forward, the WES Token can now also be used for real estate sales.


Grow Your Money with a Multi-Trillion Dollar Industry

Westrend aims to innovate and disrupt the real estate investment industry by using revolutionary technology
as well as to create and provide easier, safer, and more affordable real estate investment opportunities in a global scale.

Creating better opportunities through the revolutionary blockchain technology.

Reinventing Real Estate Transactions

The WES Token aims to connect real estate companies, property owners, and clients in an easier, more accessible, and better way through blockchain technology and smart contracts.

increasing utility

As the WES Token increases in value, so will its utility. During its continued development not only will the WES Token be a staple in the real estate industry but will also act as a lifestyle token with varying uses such as becoming a unit of value among other industries.

WES Token Benefits

westrend roadmap

Q4 2017
Team development, first website construction, and first business strategy formation.
Q1 2018
Pre-sale marketing, first and second phases of pre-sale begins, marketing team expansion, formal launching of marketing, advertising and branding campaigns, launching live events and online events globally.
Q2 2018
Last phase of the pre-sale offering, expanding live events and online events globally as well as token launch, development of Token Sale Dashboard, and creation of WES Token Newsletter for investors.
Q3 2018
Launch of Token Sale Dashboard, continued development of the Westrend platform, and increased marketing.
Q4 2018
The Alpha version launch of the Westrend Platform. Aggressive marketing and branding of all Westrend related products and services in USA, Vietnam, Philippines, Dubai, India, and other countries.
Q1 2019
Launch of mobile Westrend platform app where investors can invest in different real estate projects easier using mobile devices.

Company behind WES Token "MindGenix Technology Inc."

Mindgenix Inc. is one of the most advanced software development teams in the Philippines specializing in blockchain solutions, software development, IT Solutions and ICO services.

  • Verlin Sanciangco

    Founder and CEO

    An innovator in the industry of real estate and real estate investing.

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  • Alex Sanciangco

    Chief Operations Officer - Mindgenix Technology Inc.

    A proactive coder, and a fast learner. Proficient with a wide array of web programming language...

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  • Alvin Veroy

    Chief Technology Officer - Mindgenix Technology Inc.

    Blockchain pioneer and visionary. He aims to bring blockchain technology into the Philippines and...

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  • JP Galinato

    Chief Marketing Officer - Mindgenix Technology Inc.

    Currently leading the marketing operations in the Philippines, helping communicate Mindgenix’ m...

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  • Mau Sanciangco

    Executive Assistant

    A vibrant and loud personality, she finds great fulfillment in being able to provide administrative...

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  • Trina Dinh

    Marketing Director - Vietnam

    Proficient in customer service, sales, and retail, Trina oversees the Asia Pacific Marketing strategies...

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  • Brenda Campos

    Marketing Director- North America

    Fluent in both English and Spanish, Brenda Campos' excellent experiences in client-relations, Real...

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Token Distribution

To fund the development and continued growth of the WES Token, Westrend investment platform and real estate network, an ongoing token sale is held. Funds raised will be distributed in accordance with this graph.
  • 50% Token Sale Supply

  • 25% Platform Development

  • 15% Marketing Operations

  • 10% Team Operations

Latest Prices

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