WestrendCoin and how it makes investing so much easier

Started in the Southern California Real Estate market, WestrendCoin is a Real Estate crowdfunding investment cryptocurrency used through its under-development Investment Platform. Using Ethereum smart contracts, investing is made safe and secure.

So how does this play into becoming an investor?

First, I’ll tell you how traditional investing works. You find a project, invest in it, and earn some profit. Easy, right?

Nope. Investing is hard work but this is how WestrendCoin can make it better for you:

There are lucrative Real Estate investment opportunities not only in the Southern California Real Estate market but globally as well.

In rehabbing and flipping (acquisition, renovation, and selling) properties, in the Real Estate Sales business, in the Real Estate marketing and branding agencies, these investment opportunities are not available to all.

But through WestrendCoin, anyone can become an investor.

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