Verlin Sanciangco meets with Victor Yu to discuss application of blockchain

On May 31, 2018 in Shanghai, China, a 3-day meeting was concluded by Verlin Sanciangco, Founder of WestrendCoin and Westrend Realty. He met with Victor Yu, Owner and Founder of of uYachter, Ltd. and the upcoming YatLink Technology, Co. Ltd, which will be a Hong Kong based technology company for the application of blockchain technology in the yacht charter business industry.

The Yacht Charter business is a multi-billion dollar industry and Victor Yu, owner and founder of uYachter, Ltd. , a global yacht charter service platform, is looking to expand his business through the upcoming Yatlink Technology, Co. Ltd. using blockchain technology. For this reason, Victor Yu hired the services of owner and founder of WestrendCoin, Verlin Sanciangco as the company’s first marketing adviser.

WestrendCoin is the cryptocurrency that allows participation of all investors worldwide through its crowdfunding real estate investment platform that uses Ethereum smart contracts and blockchain technology. Victor Yu sought the advice and knowledge of Verlin Sanciangco, who has already started to apply the potential of blockchain technology.

The 3-day meeting was a huge success in discussing the solutions to existing problems in the yacht charter business industry which includes speed of booking contract executions and borderless payment solutions. By applying blockchain technology in creating a yacht charter platform, these problems will significantly be resolved. Collaboration or partnership between the two parties is also being considered. According to Mr. Sanciangco, the project looks optimistic and has potential in making Victor Yu’s project into more than just a multi-million dollar company.

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