Don’t miss this very rare opportunity to be in one of the biggest stages in the world for technology and business advancement, Tokyo Japan.

More than 84% of major Companies across the globe have been pouring money into blockchain research, examining how it can make their business more efficient and secure. Even though Blockchain technology is still in its infancy, it already has a massive impact on financial, government, consumer transactions, and anything else that involves online transactions. And it continues to reinvent the way we invest and do business locally and globally.

The potentials for such a technology are limitless and it will help humanity enter a new era an era that is more transparent, and less reliant on centralized institutions.

And now is the right time to start investing in blockchain technology before missing out the huge advantage of being early investors.

So, make sure to be a part of our event and see how Blockchain Technology is connecting real-multi-billion-dollar business industries to the world.

We will be joined by some existing businesses and projects just to name a few;

  • (a brand new and exclusive USA-based CBD oil product) ,
  • WES BLOCKCHAIN COFFEE ( Vietnam-based most technologically advanced franchise coffee shop opening in Saigon and California 2019)
  • (a publicly traded digital currency and crowdfunding token)
  • (a blockchain-based investing platform)
  • (a blockchain-based development company)
  • HEART OF AZIA, INC. (a unique USA-based matchmaking service provider)

We are a global team of companies from USA, Vietnam, Japan, India, Malaysia, Cambodia, Canada, and Philippines with a powerful goal to bring technology, business, real estate, and opportunities to people around the world. Our passion is to help others and we seek to bring technology, business, and real estate opportunities to people around the world.

With a Mission “To be a global leader in bringing financial opportunities to all people in the world both for the average and the rich investors, giving all equal access to the very best technology available in this new era of massive change” – Verlin Sanciangco, Founder

We are the same team that continues to share valuable and life-changing opportunities, that have organized and have been key presenters in events like the Dubai Blockchain Summit, Asia Blockchain Summit, Vietnam Blockchain Powerhouse, Manila Blockchain Powerhouse, and Mekong Blockchain Powerhouse. We are now taking these opportunities in one of the biggest stages in the world for technology and business advancement, Tokyo Japan.

Make sure to book your spot now so, you won’t miss this one in a life-time event.

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