ERC-20 Utility Token

What is WES Token?

Created by Mindgenix Technology Inc., the WES Token is a cryptocurrency designed as a utility token to function as a crowdfunding token and as a digital currency. Through WES Token, a global investor has access to real traditional business projects and Real Estate projects beyond the normal limited borders of the investors’ market area or country. A global investor will have a unique access to business projects that will yield real return for a fraction of the costs of participation which is mostly reserved for the affluent community.

WES Token (WES) is an ERC20 token used through the Westrend platform and designed to thrive in an ecosystem of utility and sustainability which will expand its value and development as a utility token in the traditional business and real estate industry.

WES is a utility token that can be utilized as a unit of account or a medium of exchange in the traditional business and real estate landscape. There will be options on how and where to utilize WES, for instance:

Buy, sell, and rent real estate properties and invest in profitable real estate investment projects using WES Token.
List your projects in the Westrend Platform.
Sell WES Token back to the company to cash-out capital and bonuses (for a limited time and only for tokens purchased on pre-sale)
Membership level benefits.

Frequently Asked Questions

Where can I buy and sell WES Token?

You can now buy and sell  WES Token at 

We are looking to get listed on several top rated exchanges before the end of 2019.

IDEX & Bancor coming soon.

How are the prices calculated for the various cryptocurrencies?

Prices for cryptocurrencies fluctuates based on their value and utlity, the more the cryptocurrency is demanded and used, the higher its value. With WES Token, our goal is to expand our token’s utility into a global scale not only to increase its value but to promote the use of blockchain technology on all aspect.

Where can I get updates from WES Token?

You can chat with us on our Telegram Channel at

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If you have any questions, you can email us at

WES Token Advantages

WES Token through its platform, will allow small investors and big investors alike same access and same profit return by leveraging the advanced technology of Blockchain.

WES Token aims to innovate and disrupt the real estate and traditional business investment industry by using revolutionary technology as well as to create and provide easier, safer, and more affordable real estate and traditional business investment opportunities in a global scale.
Using Ethereum smart contracts, each transaction using WES Token and projects available on the Investment Platform are guaranteed legitimacy as well as the return of your invested funds should the project fail. Ethereum smart contracts work as inviolable codes and agreements that are “set in stone”. It makes transactions easier and enforces digital trust. Transactions cannot be altered or twisted in any way, making frauds theoretically impossible.
Technological Solution
Blockchain technology is an emerging innovation that is likened to the Internet. The difference would be what the Internet did for communication and information, blockchain would do for a lot of other industries. The blockchain is a global network of computers that make up an entire decentralized database rather than depend on just one central figure that act as an authority. Each transaction is encrypted to guarantee legitimacy and prevent any tampering, which in turn makes all the existing transactions within it to be of high integrity.
Trustless Transactions
Transactions in the blockchain makes sure that trust stays on check without needing it. Using smart contracts, terms agreed upon such as payment and conditions cannot be altered and are enforced on the blockchain. Once you set a transaction with someone, the smart contract will require the conditions and payment to be available and once those conditions are met, the payment will automatically be given. Using WES Token, transactions are secured through cryptography and with our investment platform, investments are safe, and risk of loss is extremely low.
Our Platform
Project Managers and Investors will be able to see their Platform Balance (WES the Investor has and can be used for investing), WES in Westrend Pool (Sum of WES invested in projects including ROI), Global Westrend Pool (Total of all WES invested in projects), and WES available for withdrawal (Sum of WES the investor can withdraw, and sum of WES funded that the Project Manager can withdraw as Capital). Anyone (except Project Managers/Owners) with access to the platform can invest any amount of WES into listed Real Estate and Business Investment Projects. Votes, listing fees, and invested funds are all added into the Westrend Pool. All listed projects will have a set time as an investment phase. If a project is completely funded before the investment phase deadline is over, then the Project Manager can withdraw the funds as capital after 10 days for processing. If a project did not meet complete funding before the investment phase ends, all investors will receive back their votes/funds after 10 days and the project will be removed from the listing. Investors also have the choice of withdrawing their funds early regardless of whether the project is funded or not but only after the 10-day processing period.

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