Grow Your Money with a Multi-Trillion Dollar Industry

Introducing Westrend Platform

Westrend aims to innovate and disrupt the real estate investment industry by using revolutionary technology as well as to create and provide easier, safer, and more affordable real estate investment opportunities in a global scale.

Creating better opportunities through the revolutionary blockchain technology.

Innovative Technology Built On Real Estate Experience

Westrend is reinventing how you invest by cutting off the middle-man to save up on fees and make real estate investing less expensive and less hassle for you. All our projects are backed by Smart Contracts that will guarantee the safety of your investments.

  • Global Ease – Invest comfortably for as low as $100 in real estate projects globally
  • Reliable Returns – Attain up to 15% returns from screened legitimate projects in just 180 days!
  • Strengthened Security – Protect your investments with Smart Contracts and Blockchain Technology


Without recent listing with UDAX, you can now buy and sell WES Token within the exchange.


Introducing WES Coffee & CBD Oil

Welcome to the most technologically advanced coffee shop in the blockchain and CBD community. Opening its first USA location late 2019 in California, Orange County, WES Coffee will set the stage for the fusion of CBD Oil with Blockchain technology in the coffee and tea industry. The coffee and tea shop industry is global and it is a multi-billion dollar industry. Starbucks is one great example of how this industry can reach globally with a revenue in the billions of dollars. With excellent marketing, branding, and community support, “Wes Coffee & Tea” will become one of the biggest names in the CBD community, the coffee and tea community, and blockchain community in the world.